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Luau Event Booking Faqs

  • 1. Why are Prices not listed on the Website?
    Variables particular to each Event determines the Package Price: a. Length and size of Event b. Number of Performers c. Venue and Location of Event d. Sound and Audio Needs etc. e. Date (Day of the week and time) f. Services included in Event Package We try our very best to be flexible and at the same time, produce exactly what you are envisioning for your Event while staying within Budget.
  • 2. What is the Booking Process?
    Submit a Luau Price Quote and one of our Luau Event Coordinators will call you within 24 Hours to speak with you to see what you have planned so far for your event so then we can see how we can help and also offer suggestions so that your Luau Event will result in what you have been envisioning. After obtaining your input on your event, we then promptly send you a detailed proposal customized specifically for your Luau. We then follow up with you to answer any initial questions that you may have concerning our proposal and make any revisions or adjustments that may be required. Then with your approval, we send you a Booking Confirmation/Contract that includes our payment policies and with payment of Deposit (usually 50% of Booking total), we then reserve your Luau Date on our Performance Calendar. In the time leading up to your Event, we are available 7 days a week for any question or concern that you may have in the time leading up to your Event. About a week out of your Event, we contact you to confirm all details.
  • 3. What types of Events do you Book?
    We book events of all sizes from smaller intimate backyard family Luaus (we recently booked a Anniversary Luau for Husband and wife with a 3 year old and a months old baby at a beachfront Vacation rental on Oahu, we catered and provided a show complete with Musician, Hula Dancer and Fire-Knife Dancer!) to large corporate Luaus, for eg. we performed at Atlanta's Georgia Dome for a large corporation's incentive Hawaii promo Event attended by more than 20,000 guests! So we accommodate accordingly from a solo musician if that is what the event calls for to a 30 performer production team complete with Island Artisans etc. as we did at the Falls View Casino Resort in Toronto, Canada! So the saying goes, there is no Event too small or too large that we cannot book!
  • 4. Where do you book?
    Primarily in Hawaii and the MidWest USA market, however we can book anywhere our passports can take us. We even have toured in promotion of Hawaii Tourism throughout South America! If you are planning to host a luau event in the MidWest-Eastern USA area, we save you the client on travel expense as we now have a base of our performers who are all from Hawaii performing throughout this area. So potentially, you can provide an authentic Luau experience for all your guests for less than it would cost you to just fly yourself and your significant other to Hawaii! (of course you would rather be in Hawaii! We get that!:-) nevertheless, we make it possible for you to enjoy a truly authentic Luau even if you can't!)
  • 5. Why book with us? has been producing and performing for more than 20 years, so we have a vast amount of experience in all types of Event settings. And particularly in the MidWest market, we are one of the very few, if not the only company whose performers are all from Hawaii which affords you and your guests to experience not only the dancing and music aspect, but also the truly authentic warmth of Hawaii's Aloha spirit and culture. Please read our reviews both on this site and our Facebook page.
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